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The Bigger Winners: Betway eSports Betting Review

Electronic sports have come a long way and they have been quick to endorse online betting despite legal opposition. Betway has operated successfully across Europe and has distinguished itself as a hub for eSports buffs through the websites electronic sports section. The following review examines how Betway nurtured betting on electronic sports with its arrival on the market in Europe not so long ago.

Betway and the sports section Betway Esports

Among the better known online betting solutions today is Betway along with its electronic sport division Betway Esports, the platform which launched in August 2015 as a division of Malta-registered Betway. When the eSports betting portal first reared its head, Betway’s Marketing Director, Anthony Werkman stated that electronic sports “featured in the daily 10 sports for turnover”, leaving little room for doubt why Betway opted to enter this promising new market. Despite its genuine commitment, though, Betway underwent a rather fraught period as the portal initially struggled to pay out or downright refused due payments, confused bonuses or simply confiscated funds which left a slew of punters upset and tarnished the portal’s reputation. Nevertheless, much work has gone in the way of restoring customer credibility, including the outing of the management, twice in five years. Things have improved since 2015 and today the platform sports a clear record and a range of features that work without a hitch.

The Nuts and Bolts of Betway or How to Set up an Account

Setting up an account is a straightforward process and takes only several minutes. Users are asked to fill in their details and provide personal information which may later be used by Betway staff to contact them if the need arises. However, punters ought to know that betting is restricted in certain countries, with a full list available on Betway Esports website. Similar restrictions apply to the United States where betting on eSports is illegal in all states but Nevada where it is limited.

Placing a bet is also simplified insofar as it requires couple of clicks and results follow. Once the process of setting up an account is well out of the way, users navigate to their selection and click on the bet they want to place. As a result, a bet slip emerges on the right hand side of the website, which stays there for users to monitor the amount they are about to invest while they continue combing the websites’ features ad bets. More importantly, the widget allows you to enter the amount of money you want to invest. The process concludes by pressing the “Place Bets” button.

Lastly, as soon as Betway has recorded the bet, a receipt will be issued.

A word to the wise:

Bonuses on Betway and How to Get Them

Betway eSports is generous in the way it distributes bonuses. Upon registration, users are offered a 100% first deposit bonus. The maximum amount of the bonus is €100 and it may be used up by either claiming the amount or using a free bet in the punter’s currency. In order to obtain the bonus, users will be required to enter their bonus offer code which is specific to the region. This can be checked on the website which provides more information about what promotions apply to specific regions. Furthermore, users may contact the customer support at any one time and seek further information about available promotions.

Mobile eSports Betting Simplified

Add to this, Betway Esports allows users to bet on the go via its mobile app running on both Android and IPhone, and all its functions are available in 14 languages. The app does not fall short of its desktop rival. All the features that can be accessed on the website are available through the app, which makes it a convenient for users to bet on the go.

Upon opening the app for the first time, users will have to manually navigate to the eSports section, but once they do, it will automatically be added to their favorites, simplifying navigation in the process. Another boon of the mobile app is the ability to withdraw and deposit money in users’ accounts.

Cashing in & Cashing out with Betway

It comes as a small wonder that Betway offers punters a variety of secured ways to withdraw money, from bank transfers to Visa, Visa electron, Mastercard, Maestro, ecoPayz, Citadel Direct, Zimpler, EntroPay Card and our personal favorite Skrill. Skrill even allows users to issue their own free-of-charge credit card which may later save punters the hassle of additional transfers. Still, Betway has done an exceptional job in securing its users’ money and there is not even a smidgeon of doubt left with regards to the sportsbook’s credibility.

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When handling one’s money on Betway eSports it is also useful to know the following:

A similar rundown can be presented for the website:

Betting Odds and Available eSports Titles

The website has improved significantly since it launched by not only sorting out a myriad of complaints lodged by disenchanted users, but also by improving on its overall appearance and by introducing a dedicated section for eSports. Betway offers a number of eSports games, including all the noteworthy titles as well as some lesser known ones. A nifty little boon is the availability of betting on a variety of odds, including CS:GO match winner, first round winner, first map winner, team to win pistol round and a lot more. More titles are featured on the website, including Call of Duty, Street Fighter 5, Starcraft II, and Heroes of the Storm. A list of all available titles can be found by clicking “Coupons” in the eSports section.

Lastly, Betway eSports has been working on a live betting feature which desires more in the way of execution. Live odds are now available for popular titles such as Dota 2, League of Legends and CS:GO, which may be well why the vast majority of players is browsing the website. However, there is hoping that Call of Duty and Overwatch will soon follow suite and get their rightful place on Betway eSports.

Betway Provides Excelelnt Customer Support

Betway eSports puts an emphasis on treating its customers with decency and as a result their customer support is efficient and available around the clock seven days a week. In the event of an emergency, we recommend that you turn to their live chats operators. Just make sure to give their contact page a looksee.

What More Is There to Know about Betway?

Betway Esports operates across various countries including the United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, Spain, Belgium, and Germany, as well as elsewhere. It offers a passel of popular competitive games, including League of Legends, a fantasy MOBA with the highest gross turnover in existence. This review already pointed out that historically, Betway Esports was the first platform to accepts wagers on eSports in the United Kingdom and CS:GO has been central to the later development of the community. Continually, the website has been trying to pique traditional customers’ interest and bring them over to the eSports end of competitive events. With this in mind, Betway Esports invested a whopping £10 million in West Ham FC, topped-off with investments in the Electronic Sports League (ESL) UK Premier event in Cologne last July.

Why You Should Choose Betway for eSports Betting

Betway and its electronic sports sections, Betway Esports may have started off the wrong way but the website has quickly bounced back from its initial snafu and went on to becoming one of the most reliable and trustworthy online sportsbook for eSports present. With legislation becoming tougher in the United States, Betway Esports is a breath of fresh air which is much needed for online betting to thrive. Apart from being efficient, the website is also visually pleasing which comes as another boon when so many other betting bookies have altogether neglected this aspect.

Competitive video-gaming or eSports has mushroomed to become a fully-fledged industry with its own very special place in the hearts of players, fans and large sponsors alike. What started as private LAN parties in the houses of friends has transitioned into global tournaments held at sold-out arenas where the cream of the crop compete in various disciplines, from first-person shooters such as CS:GO through the fantasy multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBAs) League of Legends (LoL) and Defense of the Ancients (DOTA). All agog, financial institutions and traditional sports franchises are clamoring for a larger share of the market. Another opportunity looms large, as the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is mulling to introduce eSports at the 2024 Games as an official discipline in a bid to bolster flagging interest in classic events.

The market for eSports is booming, spurred by the omnipresence of online platforms such as and most recently YouTube’s decision to double down on its efforts to expand its presence in the segment. The legality of online betting, however, is still a contentious point. Nevertheless, eSports are clearly embracing it. One website in particular is also faring well in bridging the gap between traditional and electronic sports.

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