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Betfair and with flair

Betfair is a rare beast in its own right. The website was founded by financial trader Edward Wray and dab-hand-at-gambling Andrew Black. The pair came up with an online platform that would allow people to buy wagers from other people. What began as an ambitious two-man gig has grown to be a global sportsbook to be reckoned with.

The bookie forged ahead introducing in-house betting and recently Betfair did not shy away from eSports. In the past, Betfair eSports toyed with the idea of introducing eSports betting exchanges where the website pitted punters against one another, dodging the financial burden in one swift and well-weighed move. Quite the cunning devils.

In the following review of Betfair eSports, we will explore the brand and its electronic sports division. Fasten your seatbelts, chances are on your side.

What sets Betfair eSports apart from the pack

Look, we do not mean to go godfather on you, but ‘this is business.’ As such, Betfair eSports has done an outstanding job of clawing a share of the market dominated by already established names in the sector. Harking back to its idea to narrow down risk by leaving punters to vie for their own money, Betfair eSports introduced interesting odds for chance takers to bank on. The eSports section of the bookie is just another feather in its cap.

But what should you be aware of before making your first wager on the outcome of an eSports game or tournaments? Know your bonuses! As far as bonuses are concerned, Betfair eSports is unstinting:

That is quite the loose belt right there, so punters may plunge into the well-charted territories of eSports betting unafraid. The starting bonus is available across all sections of the website, but eSports is where it is really rocking it out. Prize money from eSports has managed some whopping numbers and this trend has continued well into 2017. Bookies the like of Betfair are slated to make a killing.

Major event prize money

How do you set up a Betfair eSports account? And beyond.

Quite easily in fact. Hop on the website and locate the conspicuous ‘Join Now’ button, which will take you on a millisecond rollercoaster to the registration form. The process is straightforward with a few caveats. Make sure the information you fill out is genuine, or that you at least remember what you state in the registration form, because it may be used to identify you later on during money transfers. In addition, it is good to choose the currency you want your account setup in. And finally, Betfair terms and conditions do not differentiate much from those of other bookies, but a good read-through just to have that covered is advisable.

We said and beyond. And another feature Betfair got uncannily right is their customer support. Available in their working hours, these chaps are suave and helpful. Customer support comes up at 8 AM and closes down at 11 PM GTM. Assistance is offered online via live chat, telephone and e-mail. Betfair gives you the rundown of anything website-related you may need to know. In addition, checking out the FAQ section could also prove nifty prior to hitting up the hotline and dialing up a distress signal.

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Betfair on eSports, but what exactly?

Excellent question, patron! Betfair offers a variety of eSports titles ranging from sword-and-spells games the likes of League of Legends and Defense of the Ancients (DOTA) 2 to combat simulators such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and the micro and macro intensive StarCraft 2 which is basically cable TV in South Korea. Of course, if you feel that ambling about in slippers and mumbling unintelligibly to yourself in order to produce a puff of lightning is not really worth your time, then Lock & Load behind the wheel of a Panzer of your choice in World of Tanks. World of Tanks is a vastly competitive war simulator where you are reincarnated as a tank, with the promise of becoming an essential part in any canned sardine brand after a successful enemy shell hit.

In a word, Betfair eSports is the whole package. It offers all the staple titles of competitive electronic sports today and punters should not think twice before considering to invest some moolah on the website.

Outta my Betfair eSports, ye rascal, and don’t you forget your proceedings!

Betfair does not let the side down where payment security is concerned. The website uses 1288-bit SSL Verisign certification to bolster up security. In addition, you are sent a one-time code to your phone, which you need to enter upon login. Overall, Betfair does not think security is a laughing matter.

In terms of payment options, you have a great leeway again:

As far as sharing your credit card info with Betfair eSports are concerned, rest assured that the website has all the necessary encryptions which will stave off encroaching hackers.

Betfair eSports, the reckoning

Betfair eSports is a great place to wager on eSports. Only recently adopted, this segment is surely slated to explode over the course of the next few years. Betfair being one of its earliest adopters, you may rely on the odds-crunching Betfair offers. Further than that, the website will continually seek to introduce new odds and list more events, making it, ultimately, your go-to homepage on eSports gambling.

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