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10Bet eSports Betting Review

Founded in 2003 and based in the United Kingdom, 10bet has aspired to become one of the largest gambling websites, and it has come close to its mark. 10bet’s eSports section is definitely one of the better-known online venues for eSports betting and it offers wagers for a variety of gaming titles as well as tournaments, often including less voguish events on its betting pages.
The website creators designed it specifically to carry out In Play betting, which has prompted the website to develop a solid app available for both iOS and Android. With betting on the go, 10bet enjoys a well-stocked pool of bettors who battle a rather satisfactory odds margin of near 5%. The following 10bet eSports review unpicks the core feature of what may as well be one of the world’s most renowned bookies.

10Bet eSports in a Glimpse

Let us see what this bookie has to offer:

A perceived advantage may be the fact that 10bet seems to operate in more countries than some better-known rivals which opens up an opportunity for larger base of chance-takers.

Bonuses and Lucky Number 10, You Bet!

10bet eSports rewards newcomers handsomely in terms of bonuses. Upon arrival, punters will receive up to 50% welcome bonus maxed out at €200. While it pales in comparison with the formidable 100% offered by counterparts, the bookie allows freshmen to claim their bonus money after fulfilling specific criteria:

A few clarifications concerning the bonus:

Handling one’s money on 10bet eSports and the entirety of the website is done through a choice of select operators, including Nordea, Credit Card/VISA/Debit Card, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Transfer, Playsafecard, Bank Transfer, ecoPayz and Cheque. A fair warning, however, because Skrill and Neteller are excluded from the bonus offering, meaning any amount you deposit will not be contributed towards your welcome bonus. Transfer of money may also vary greatly, from one or two banking days, up to 30!

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10Bet eSports on the Go

An enhanced betting option of the website is its app available for both iOS and Android. It supports In Play betting which a much-touted feature on their website. In a word, 10bet will load on an iPad, iPhone, tablets, BlackBerry and various other devices. Making a website that is mobile compatible is an overwhelming boon, with technology packing ever more powerful devices in miniscule dimensions. Let us now rifle through the various eSports titles and the bets available for those.

Up to 10Bets

A general view of the types of bets available on the platform is follows:

Titles featured on the website include:

With a few other titles occasionally available on the list website. Let us look in the type of betting available to these titles.
CS:GO matches will usually pivot around four main types, including:

DOTA 2 is another title which accepts match winner bets as well as spreads. LoL is available and the bookmaker offers live betting on it. And DOTA 2 may too accept those, given its bitter rivalry with LoL and the fact that it would not cost much to be implemented.
For the live betting feature, plummet to the bottom of the website and choose the namesake feature. This is another auspicious moment to point out to the overall functionality and accessibility of the website.
As an informal conclusion to the betting section, 10bet eSports offers the most prominent titles while overlooking some, and then again, adding something rather inconspicuous as World of Tanks.

Hello, how could 10Bet help you?

The operator relies on making a good first impression and does not stint to make sure that what strikes the regular punter at first is well extended to other features of the website. Aside from the state-of-the-art app, there is a stellar customer support available around the clock, which will take you queries over the phone or in an online chat.

10bet eSports Bids You Farewell

Until your next visit. For the keen punter is bound to double back and make a habit of visiting the betting section more often than not. Even though 10bet is not a dedicate eSports platform it is slowly picking up speed. Adding to this is the fact that the website is uncannily easy to navigate and hassle free. This functionality paired with a generous welcome bonus is incentive enough to stick around long enough to turn some odds into profit.

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